Medium supports PubSubHubbub

Medium supports PubSubHubbub

In the last couple months, the blogging platform world has been innovative again. Medium, one of these new players have been leading the way with an amazing interface to write and read content.

Very early on, Medium also supported the open web through their addition of RSS feeds. You can consume content posted on Medium in your favorite news reader :) The great news, is that they now support PubSubHubbub as well.

Their hub is located at and is now linked from all their RSS feeds: user feeds, like mine and category feeds too, like this one.

If your reader supports PubSubHubbub, that means that new posts will come to you in realtime! They initially started to think about supporting the protocol because they were seeing a lot of our IPs polling some of their feeds on behalf of some of our customers like IFTTT, but their hub is now subscribed by almost 50 different applications which consume their RSS.

I also want to point to Dan’s, Go Library for PubSubHubbub. Dan (thank you!) works for Medium.

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