It’s not always obvious to understand what apps you use and love are Superfeedr customers. This month, we’d like to shed some light on Feastie.


Feastie is a search engine for recipes. They gather these recipes from a lot of delicious food blogs and Superfeedr helps them by sending them the content of each post when it’s available. In this use case, it’s not so much about realtime, but more about the convenience of not having to build and maintain an expensive crawler.

Valerie Coffman describes her use of Superfeedr like that:

I use superfeedr to poll about 1600 food blogs. My callback endpoint invokes a parser that detects if the new blog post contains a recipe, and if it does, it extracts ingredient, diet, allergy, and season information as well as the photo and some social media metrics. Then the recipe gets added to an apache solr search index. The front page shows what is popular and new but visitors can also search by ingredient, diet, allergy, etc.

Search their best recipes now and get in touch if you want to be featured on the Superfeedr blog!

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