Flattr PubSubHubbub-ed

Flattr PubSubHubbub-ed

I have to confess I am not the best at writing consistently and often on that blog. There are so many topics that I want to write about: writing a Chrome application, the future of PubSubHubbub, not using JQuery when it’s not necessary, our Heroku Addon… etc. But today, I want to share with you an awesome new hub that we host at Superfeedr.


Flattr is a very innovative service that brings a very cool monetization solution to anyone creating web content. Each user decides on how much money they want to give to the internetz. During the month, they can then flattr various things, including music, video, games, software, or even people! When the end of the month comes, the user’s money is shared between all the thing he previously flattred.


Flattr provides a lot of different feeds, and they’re now all PubSubHubbub! It becomes really easy to resyndicate the things you’ve flattred using a user activity feed. A thing owner could also subscribe to the feed of people flattring it… and then send a realtime thank you tweet :p

We’re extremely proud to see services like flattr use PubSubHubbub, as we know their community is clearly among the trend setters. Who’s next?