and Superfeedr and Superfeedr

Do you know It is a great hosted IRC service with a bunch of really awesome features to make your rooms much much smarter and useful. One of the great things they did is allow their users to plug other applications to the room using webhooks.

The obvious use case for a team of developers is to show commit messages, but we wanted to be able to post the content of an RSS feed to a room very easily as well. A team can just use that to plug the comment feed of the team’s blog, or the feed from their error collecting application ( has RSS feeds for each project)… etc.

Enter Supergrover. It is a simple node.js application (less than 200 lines of code!), which allows you to enter the url of any RSS feed, as well as the url of your room’s callback, so that when the feed updates, a message is posted to your room.
It doesn’t even need to store data, as it uses callback urls to store the state of the subscription (feed and channel).

It’s a great use case for our Heroku Add-on, as well as the proof that one can build applications quickly using PubSubHubbub and Superfeedr using node.js :)

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