Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is one of the most common applications for people using Superfeedr. Most of our customers in this field are agencies and firms who specialise in identifying influencers, conversations… etc.

Too often though, companies focus on a few obvious social networks (Twitter and Facebook) when the web offers a much larger set of documents with richer news stories, blog posts, forum messages… The web also lets brands and individual track backlinks which are key to a great Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Of course, in this field, it’s crucial to find about any mention or conversation as soon as they happen. There are two ways people use Superfeedr for this:

As Trackers

Our trackings feeds let you build complex queries which are matched in real-time against hundreds of new web pages per second. This is an horizontal approach to the work of brand monitoring

With them, it’s easy to add or exclude keywords, combine them, filter by source (using the site: operator), or match only pages with links to a certain domain or page. We also provide language filtering (and extraction), as well as popularity filters. This is a great way to limit matches only to the most popular news sources for example.

The tracker API is realtime, which means that we are able to forward mentions and matches as soon as they happen.

As Subscribers

The vertical approach is different. Rather than building search queries across all the web’s content, subscribers have curated lists of relevant sources to their market or their field of research for example.

They then subscribe to the data and we propagate new stories in these feeds in realtime. They are then able to extract trends, patterns very early.

Of course, the most efficient approach is to combine both. With tracking feeds, one can identify a set of important sources which can then be subscribed to make sure that even stories which did not match the queries are monitored an analysed.

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