Tumblr has a hub

Tumblr has a hub

There is not a day where the real-time web isn’t growing. It’s now time to change how our web services consume information from each other and we’re quite proud to say that Superfeedr is helping services like Tumblr pave the way.

Today, we’re announcing a hub for Tumblr, one of your favorite blogging platform is publishing their feeds as PubSubHubbub via Superfeedr. I was very impressed when I met David and John (the Betaworks gang is awesome!) : they were both aware and excited about publishing their content in real-time. We’ve been able to setup their hub in a very short timeframe, and it shows how that matters to them.

They’re joining our hub family with Posterous, Backtype, Wordpress (unofficial), Identica (unofficial) and a few other ones on which we’re working. If you want one of your app : get in touch!

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