Feedburner stats for real-time web

Feedburner stats for real-time web

It’s been a feature request since day one (almost!), and we’re rolling it out today : analytics. Subscribers wanted to know how many feeds they susbcribed to with Superfeedr, while publishers wanted to know how many feeds from them are used in real-time, as well as how many subscriptions they generated.

It is very important for publishers to know how many apps are subscribed to feeds they produce. When you’re a big media company, it matters a lot to know what content is being consumed and by who. That is exactly what these analytics allow them to do.

Of course, as with any decent analytics solution you can export the data from these analytics, and you’ll soon (when we have the data!) be able to have a weekly view, a monthly view and a yearly view.

Once more, any feedback is appreciated, superfeedr is your app: help us make it better!

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