Tracking Feeds

Tracking Feeds

We’re incredibly excited to introduce a new type of user on Superfeedr today: trackers.

As you probably know, publishers are applications, like Medium or Etsy, which decided to host their PubSubHubbub hub with Superfeedr. Subscribers, on the other end, are applications which consume our feed API to agregate feeds from accross the web (whether they use hubs that we host, or not).

Trackers are applications, which, rather than subscribing to feeds, subscribe to search queries.

Complex queries

Tracking feeds come with a rich set of performing queries. By default, you can search for keywords, then combine them (using or or and), but also exclude others using -. We also let you use options like site: and link: which yield content from a specific domain, or linking to another page.

For example, one might want to subscribe to a search query of their name and be the first to ever know about mentions of their name. Somebody else might be interested in knowing, in real-time as soon as somebody makes a link: or a webmention to their site. Finally, it can also be useful to subscribe to any content published from a given site:. All of this (and much more!) is possible using Superfeedr’s tracking feeds.

A single API

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we decided to rely on feeds for each query. For example, this feed is the feed with results for any story that mentions superfeedr (note that you can see entries in the feed only if you load with a tracking account credentials)!

From there, all of our subscriber API calls can be used:

For example, here is, in realtime, a list of stories that mention “Music”.



We wanted the pricing for tracking feeds to be fair and simple. So we made it a combination of 2 things:

  • the number of track feeds to which you’re subscribed.
  • the amount of data we’re sending to your endpoints.

Everytime a tracker user susbcribes to a new tracking feed, we will charge them $2.00 (the invoice is the sent at the end of a 30 day period). Each tracking feed comes with 2,000 free monthly notifications. If the number of notifications exceeds this, we will apply our subscriber pricing. Of course, if you subscribed to 2 feeds which consume respectively 2,500 and 1,000 notifications, you will only be charged $4.00 as the allowances add-up.

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