Superfeedr comes from Notifixious. We followed Dave’s advice and removed many features, so much that we found a market! :) However, I am still using Notifixious on a daily basis and I know many other people do. Yet, I am not fully satisfied with it and there are many things that deserve to be changed and improved. One of it’s biggest “disadvantages” is its code-base : it lacks documentation, tests and I am scared to even change a tiny thing because I’m afraid it may break a lot of stuff.

When Google announced that AppEngine was supporting XMPP, I felt it was a great occasion to see if I could give it a shot and I created Notifixlite. It’s a simple XMPP bot that you can use to subscribe to your favorite blogs and receive entries via Jabber/Gtalk. It’s powered by Superfeedr and uses the PubSubHubbub API. Why not the XMPP? because Google’s implementation of XMPP is very very light and doesn’t support IQs. As a matter of fact the implementation is only geared to build bots that can interact with “humans”.

Anyway, I learnt a little bit about Google AppEngine and I kind of felt in love with that, it’s a wonderful feeling to just “write code”, the rest (configuartion, deployement, datastores… etc) being dealt with by Google. I can’t recommend more to look into it for anyone with a project that can fit there. I also learnt played with Python, and I am sure my code needs a lot of improvements!

Please fork Notifixlite, and, as would the Beatles say : make it better!

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