Search in Subscriptions

Search in Subscriptions

Earlier, in July, when we asked our customers what they wanted our redesign to include, a few of them mentionned that it was sometimes hard for them to find a given subscription or a set of subscriptions matching specific requirements.

Today, we’re happy to introduce our search in subscriptions feature. It’s a fairly simple mechanism: when asking for the list of subscriptions, you can just include a search extra query string parameter to match a more specific subset of subscriptions.

Our docs already include the list of fieds you can use to find specific subscriptions. They include:

  • Format of the subscription
  • Exact feed url
  • Hostname of the feed url
  • inurl for the feed url which will match subsets of the url
  • Exact webhook url (hub.callback)
  • Exact hostname of the webhook url
  • inurl for the webhook url which will match subsets of the url.

Try it yourself!

$ curl -D- -X GET \
-u'demo:e5cab21156449745c2c0c4f77f6e3b69' \
-d'hub.mode=list' \

This should yield something like this:

        "subscription": {
            "format": null,
            "endpoint": "",
            "secret": null,
            "feed": {
                "title": "NYT > Home Page",
                "url": ""

Obviously, we’ll be self-dogfooding this in our brand new dashboard, which is coming soon now!

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