AngularJS Superfeedr

AngularJS Superfeedr

If you read us carefully, you’ve already seen that we use AngularJS for SubToMe. Angular is an open source web framework for the client side. It’s probably one of the most popular of its kind these days, so you’ve probably stumbled upon it a couple times.

Today, we’re introducing a Superfeedr module for Angular. It implements all of our Web API so that it becomes trivial to build a client side application which consumes feeds.

And since a demo is worth a thousand words, here’s a demo! Don’t forget, this is all static HTML, hosted on Github.

List of all subscribed feeds

Here’s the list of feeds used by the demo account. You can remove each subscription, as well as add new subscriptions as well.

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Feed url Format Endpoint
{{item.subscription.feed.url}} {{item.subscription.format}} {{item.subscription.endpoint}}

Add a new Feed:

Get the status of a feed

Please, note that you need to be subscribed to a feed in order to get its status and past entries.


Status: {{feed.status.http}}
HTTP Code: {{feed.status.code}}


You can of course view the JS code for this application, and view source to get the HTML!

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