Realtime Conference Europe

Realtime Conference Europe

Long time, no post! We’ve been busy. We mostly ported Superfeedr to Node.js, but more on that soon.
Among the things that kept us busy in the last couple weeks was started preparing the RealTime Conference Europe and that’s what I want to talk about today :)

You probably heard of Krtconf in 2011, which was renamed the Realtime Conference in 2012, in Portland. For anyone involved with realtime web technologies, there were amazing talks about WebSockets, Node.js, XMPP, WebRTC, Redis… They were also an amazing group of very smart people in this industry, which fostered very interesting conferences and debates.

Now, a bunch of European nerds complained that Portland was a bit for them and that it’d be nice for them to have something closer. At the same time, some other local nerds complaind that they needed a good reason to travel more to Europe. RealTime Conference Europe is the solution :)

The Call for Speakers is now up and running. We’re looking both for regular speakers and newbies so, please do not hesitate to submit yours We pay for accomodation and traveling too. Also, if you (or your company) wants to talk more specifically to the realtime crowd of Europe, think about becoming a sponsor.

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