Users don't care

Users don't care

We we try to convince people that the web would be better if we relied more on open protocols and platforms would do adopt these, we often get the deaded but the people, are like the honey badger, they don’t care. And that is true!

It is true that people don’t care whether they are using an open platform, open protocols, PubSubHubbub or protocols with even worse names, and that is precisely the point of the open web.

The problem is that, right now, in our silo-ed web, people have to care. You want to follow me? Well, you first have to know what platform I use (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus?), and then, you have to create an account with them. This is NOT not caring. This is doing work which shouldn’t have to do.

With the open, federated web, when you follow me, you follow me from wherever you are, wherever I am. That’s that simple. The open web is a web that decouples the people and the actions from the platforms. And you do that with open protocols that allow you to do it: PubSubHubbub (for messaging), Webfinger (for discovery of people) and WebIntents (for discovery of services).

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