LeWeb's Official Bloggers in RealTime

LeWeb's Official Bloggers in RealTime

When we’ve been selected to be part of LeWeb’s competition this year, we thought it was a great opportunity for us to demo Superfeedr with a simple use case : how can we agregate all the content published by the Official Bloggers in real-time on the main LeWeb’s site?


LeWeb’s site uses Drupal. The idea was to automatically push notifications from Superfeedr to Drupal so that whenever one of the official bloggers published an article, it is immediately linked (with a small excerpt) on the main LeWeb site.

Drupal doesn’t seem to have a PubSubHubbub subscriber library (yet?1). However it has an XML-RPC interface. The goal was then to translate PubSubHubbub notifications into XML-RPC. For that I created a very simple Google App Engine application. It basically handles notifications and turn them into XML-RPC calls. 20 lines of code.

To make it a little nicer, I extracted a few information from the standard entry schema : author name and link, as well as categories. With the categories, I did some filtering to make sure we only publish stories that either mention LeWeb or explictly declare that as a tag.


In less than 2 hours (litteraly), I was able to create a pretty good republishing platform:

  • No polling at all by drupal
  • Guarantee to have real-time content
  • Standard schema that allows content filtering and extraction of specific fields

LeWeb starts tomorow and I can’t wait to see you there! Stop by our booth : we have stickers and a few new features to show you!

1 If you’re a Drupal/PHP developer, get in touch : I’m sure such a module is much needed and should replace the aging “feeds” module.

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