Results of the contest

Results of the contest

A little over 3 weeks ago we announced a contest to win a free ticket for LeWeb. The goal was to create an application that uses our Rivers.

A few apps were submitted and I want to thank all participants for their efforts. Several hackers spent days to work on that and we’re quite happy with the outcome : several platforms, multiple languages, different technologies.

And the winners are (in reverse order) :

#3 Superfeedrfall

Superfeedrfall is a simple web interface, built with a long polling webserver written in Erlang called Hydrometeor. The interface shows the messages as they come as well as their source and publication date! Pretty fun and fascinating to watch :)

#1 (ex-aequo)’s stream’s stream is another app with the same purpose, but they added a few little features, like the favicon loading. This time, it’s built with gevent and django. It’s open-source, so if you want to learn about the real-time web technologies, you should definitely check it out!

#1 (ex-aequo) AppNotification’s iPhone app

This is a version where you can receive the rivers notifications directly on your iPhone! They use the infrastructure they built for AppNotifications and just added a Ruby listener to the stream that converts the stream into notifications they can deal with.

Luckily for us, Denis, from is in Russia, which means that he can’t really fly to Paris. As a consequence, I’m quite happy to grant Fabien from AppNotifications with the free ticket to come with us at LeWeb!

Again, I want to thank everyone who participated, I believe I sent an email or chatted to each of you. You did a great job : THANK YOU! Pleas stop by the Superfeedr booth and come see me for my demo at 4PM, in the demo room. Wish me luck!

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