Rack Middleware for Superfeedr

Rack Middleware for Superfeedr

I am a bit ashamed that this comes so late… but it’s always better late than never: we have a rack middleware for Superfeedr.

What it does is simple: subscribe, unsubscribe and help you handle notifications by hiding all the PubSubHubbub -complexity- magic. Since it’s Rack, it should work with any Ruby web framework that supports Rack, including Rails and Sinatra.

require 'sinatra'
require 'rack-superfeedr'

use Rack::Superfeedr, { :host => "plant-leg.showoff.io", :login => "demo", :password => "demo", :format => "json", :async => false } do |superfeedr|
  set :superfeedr, superfeedr # so that we can use `settings.superfeedr` to access the superfeedr object in our application.
  superfeedr.on_notification do |notification|
    puts notification.to_s # You probably want to persist that data in some kind of data store...

get '/hi' do
  "Hello World!" # Maybe serve the data you saved from Superfeedr's handler.

get '/subscribe' do

get '/unsubscribe' do

Get it while it’s hot: gem install rack-superfeedr, and check the code on github. If you build something awesome, please let us know and we’ll link to it.

As you can see it’s quite elegant :)

Update: if you’re using a Rails application, we suggest you use this Superfeedr Engine as it will handle a lot more things on your behalf.

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