Async Notification Replays

Async Notification Replays

Last week, we blogged about agregating RSS feeds in a Rails application. Ruby On Rails is one of these frameworks which integrates very well with Superfeedr. However, Rails has a very annoying feature in development: it can only handle one single request at a time.

This is annoying because when you submit requests to Superfeedr which callback to your webhook, you can’t do it from your Rails application, because Superfeedr will issue a request back to your Rails application… which would be unable to respond to it, because it’s busy responding to yours.

For this very reason, you can use hub.verify with both sync and async values. Today we’re also adding async=true when replaying a request.

Basically, Superfeedr will respond to your request before replaying the notification.

Here’s an example:

  -u demo:demo