Posterous supports PubSubHubbub

Posterous supports PubSubHubbub

We’re very excited to say that Posterous now supports PubSubHubbub and became real-time! If you’ve got a posterous blog (and you should!), your posts will now show up in real-time in any feed reader that supports PubSubHubbub on the subscriber side.

What’s even better (for us), is that the Posterous chose to use our publisher services for that, and their hub is hosted at Superfeedr at the following address :

We’re working hard to have more and more publishers support this awesome protocol and it’s great that the Posterous team (which I met recently) is paving the way.

If you’re a Superfeedr subscriber user, there is nothing you need to do, you’ll receive Posterous feeds in real-time too :)

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