Sunday Package

Sunday Package

A few little news on this glorious sunday.

Async Subscription supported with PubSubHubbub

Several of our users wanted that, we did it. Up until now, we only supported the sync verification for the subscriber’s intent in PubSubHubbub. That was an issue for several people who were debugging with a server that could only accept a single HTTP request at a time, or with hosts like Heroku, which allows a limited (starting at 1) number of simultaneous HTTP requests. You can now use async for the hub.verify param. Please note however, that the dashboard currently uses the sync mode.

A Facebook fan page

Keeping in touch with our friends is very important to us. There is a pretty strong chance that you’re already on Facebook. Become a Superfeedr fan, we’ll give you exclusive content very soon :)

Another Ruby wrapper

The topic of the last XMPP meetup was hacking. I investigated Google App Engine’s XMPP support (and used that to build notifixlite), and I know some friends worked on some other cool stuff. Our friend Jeff, who created Blather, a pretty awesome XMPP library worked on *another Ruby wrapper for the Superfeedr XMPP API *. Check it out, it’s awesomely simple!

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