PubSubHubbub for Everybody

PubSubHubbub for Everybody

Today is an exciting day! We’re are at the ReadWriteWeb Real-time summit. If you’re here, come and ping us, I wear a yellow sweatshirt.

It’s also exciting because we’re launching a new version of our website with many many improvements over the previous iteration. I’d like to thank my friend Beau for his great help, as well as David. We’re perfectly aware that we have a long way to go, but we’re moving toward the destination.

If you go check this new iteration, you’ll immediately notice the shiny orange buttons. The subscriber part is nothing new, however, the publisher part is brand new!

We’re announcing today that Superfeedr now offers white-label hubs. What is that? If you read this blog, you know how crucial it is to engage your content consumers with real-time data, but building a hub is not the most easy thing to do. Again, we’ve done that for you, so that you don’t have too.

We’re introducing to options :

  • A free version, where your app’s hub is accessible at and where you basically just need to add the ‘discovery’ tag to your feeds. Check out our Wordpress and Identica hubs.
  • A for profit version, where you can use your own domain, where the subscribers will not even know that this service is provided by superfeedr.

We’re very excited about that, and we already started working with several great teams to integrate hubs into their apps. What do you think?

PS: As I write this, I see that our blog’s layout is not as shinny as I’d wanted :/ I am working on that…

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