State of Real-Time feeds

State of Real-Time feeds

Real-time is the new hotness. At Superfeedr, we’re lucky enough to have many feeds we’re fetching, some of them being PubSubHubbub enabled, some of them being RSSCloud and other being none of that. We’re in a good position to assess how many feeds are using which technology. Being french, I appreciate showing you this pie camembert chart, which shows how we get the data for the feeds in our database.

Please, assume that we have a bias: we’re still pretty young, and our bigger users give a “taste” to the type of feeds that we have.

If you’re building your own feed polling infrastructure, – but you obviously shouldn’t -, you can save:

  • 7.1% of your work by implementing PubSubHubbub subscriber,
  • 0.3% if you’re an RSSCloud subscriber.

Once you’ve built that, you can easily do some math and see how much it costs you. Then, use our hub (it should be trivial since you have implemented PubSubHubbub) for all your feeds, and start saving!

We said a few weeks ago that we believe that the amount of real-time available feeds is pretty much stable. What is RSSCloud or PubSubHubbub now was either XMPP or AtomStream weeks ago.

We’ll see in the future how these ratios evolve.

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