EventVue's Chatter

EventVue's Chatter

Meeting the right people at conferences is always very difficult. Even if you’re the most extraverted person in the room, most of the time, you just don’t have enough time. EventVue is providing a very elegant way for that by helping you prepare your conferences in advance.

When we started Superfeedr, Josh helped us a lot by providing a good use-case. We said it in the past, but Superfeedr is yours, and you can thank him for his feedback. We’re now thrilled that EventVue uses Superfeedr for its “chatter” functionality.

The chatter is a stream that contains any message that was posted by people at a given conference : they write on their blogs, they tweet, they post to Youtube, Flickr… it all ends up there. It’s like Twitter Lists on steroids.

EventVue uses PHP and the PubSubHubbub API. I’ll just let Josh saying what he likes about Superfeedr :

We’re really grateful to Superfeedr for the service they provide. Polling thousands of feeds was beginning to be a huge distraction from working on our core product. Superfeedr allowed us to stay focused on the features that matter while still being confident that our feeds will arrive in a timely and reliable manner.

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