There is not a day where people don’t ask us about applications that use Superfeedr. We have been truly amazed by the quality of some of these apps and we thought we should share them with you. Today’s example is Smacksale.

Smacksale is a simple aggregator of the best e-commerce deals out on the web. You can vote up, down or comment these deals : simple, efficient and useful (I just found a great deal for Gogo Inflight ; can’t wait to try it).

Built for the 2009 Rails Rumble, Smacksale was created by Adam, Pradeep, Brendan and Paul. It’s a RubyOnRails application, hosted at Heroku and they use our PubSubHubbub API to receive the new deals from other services. They extract the information they need from these notifications and build their own tag-cloud out of them.

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