Make Our Logo!

Make Our Logo!

A lot of our friends complained about the fact that we didn’t have a logo. That’s a valid concern, but I really didn’t have the skills (even far from it) that it takes. So what I basically asked a very talented friend to make a concept. He did a great job and you can see it right below, with several different colors.

I am releasing it here because I know some of you might have great ideas to actually make it even nicer, and well, I’d love to be able to have feedback and improvements from our actual users.

Here a few words that represent what the logo should convey : superhero, RSS, speed, cloud, reliability, strength, seriousness… Do you see others?

Here are 3 versions of the same logo : AI, EPS, PDF and you can see on our twitter account my own version! What do you think? You can download them and remix them as much as you want!

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