The Console

The Console

It is quite hard to debug notification based systems, because developers usually have to wait for a notification to happen. It’s been a common request from several of our users over the past month and we’re happy to say that we released today a solution to this problem : the console.

Basically, when logged in, you should see ‘Your feeds’ in the top bar. Click there, and then, at the bottom of the page, click on “Console”.

The console is a tool that will enable you to see notifications directly pushed to your browser, exactly as they would be pushed to your XMPP client (technically, the console IS an XMPP client).

To see actual notifications happening, we’ve also created a dummy atom feeds. In the console interface, you should see a link that, when clicks, publishes a new entry in this dummy feed. A few seconds (or less) later, you should see the new notification in your console. Of course, that works with any feed, so you can as well add others.

Here a a few tips to make that console even more useful :

  • The console only works if your using using your default jid : (no webhooks, no ‘private’ jid)
  • Add to your feeds (and more feeds)
  • Change your notification mode (See ‘settings’) to “Each time we pull and parse one of your feeds”
  • Leave the console open for a few hours : notifications will stack up (most recent at the top)

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