How can we help the open web?

How can we help the open web?

Today is thanksgiving in the USA. It’s a holliday in where you celebrate others and thank them for the help they provided. Of course, we want to thank everyone in our community: our customers, developers, partners and investors. It’s a pleasure to be working with you and we hope to keep doing that for a long time.

However, we also want to take a couple words to thank everyone who’s building the open web, every developer, indie or not that’s making the web a better place to interract with each other.

Fighting for the open web is not an easy feat and every day is a new battle to make sure the web giants don’t own the web, our personal data and our relationships.

It’s not obvious, but there are a ton of projects which contribute to the open web: popular things like Bootstrap, which anyone can use to make a consistent-looking interface, controversial protocols, like Bitcoin who can simplify the way people pay for our services and apps, fast growing services which simplify how developers can build the web… or even small libraries on Github.

We also know that, even it’s a priceless, sometimes, ‘thank you’ is not enough. There are open web projects which are stuck because they tripped on a road block too big for the small team working on them. There are open web projects that have a hard time getting attention because whoever is in charge of them is not the stereotypical developer. There are open web projects looking for a couple donations to pay for their hosting and bandwidth.

We want to help these projects. Superfeedr is a cashflow positive machine that’s built using open web libraries, protocols and software: it’s time that we give back.

If there is anything we can do to help: review code, fix bugs, write posts, help get introductions… etc, please, feel free to let us know.

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