Susbcribe and Retrieve

Susbcribe and Retrieve

Do you know what has been the oldest Superfeedr feature request? It’s the ability to subscribe and retrieve a feed in one single call.

Basically, up until now, when your app needed the content of a feed from Superfeedr, you first had to subscribe to the feed and then wait for us ot send you all the next, upcoming entries. It was not the best experience for users who may want to quickly have a “visual confirmation” of what’s the previous content in a feed. For many of our customers that meant that they had to themselves fetch the feed first.

Susbcribe and retrieve

One of the goals of our most recent deployment was to bring the users closer to our backend. This means that it’s now possible to combine our frontend API (the one that gets your requests), our cave storage (in which we store the past content of feeds) and our fetchers and parsers (just in case the feed has not yet been added to Superfeedr).

It’s as easy as adding a simple retrieve parameter to your POST request.

Of course, the data will be returned as JSON if you’ve added the format=json or the Accept: application/json

This way, your applications won’t even have to fetch the original feeds and you can just blindly subscribe to any feed with Superfeedr.

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