Kind of Open Source

Kind of Open Source

When I tweeted about sharing our Investor Deck yesterday, I received immediately a few IM and email of friends who wanted to make sure I was doing the right decision. They were scared that I would make some private things public. I fully understand their concern, but I really want Superfeedr to be an Open Service, where we are guided by our users more than our wallet. We value their opinion more than ours because in the end, they are going to pay for our service, not us.

Why not release our software as Open Source, then?

Because that wouldn’t work. The idea with Superfeedr is to do something stupid so that nobody else has to do it. If we release our software, then, everybody would run their standalone superfeedr and people will keep doing this inefficient polling that wastes our resources.
Superfeedr will work only with massive economies of scale.

We will eventually release huge parts (and we already started) of our software as open source, as we will probably communicate and ask advices on as much as we can that relates to Superfeedr. If you’d like to give a look at our deck, send us your email as a direct message. Also, follow us on Twitter, because I will (thanks to @jineshmehta) release there the master file of our logo. I hope you can then make it even nicer. (BTW, red, or green?)

You are the brains of our service, giving the ideas, suggesting the directions. We are just the small hands selecting, organizing and implementing ideas.

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