The New Atom Schema is up!

The New Atom Schema is up!

We deployed yesterday a new code for our parsers, and it now includes a more complete schema that will allow you to do a lot more things with superfeedr!

Content or summary?

Up until now we were considering that anything was a summary, which wasn’t really accurate since some feeds actually offer the whole content. We fixed that. If the entry contains the full content, you’ll have a <content> tag, if not, then, it will have a <summary> tag.


The biggest addition is the fact that <entry> elements now include all the <links> of the original entry, including attachments. Of course, to differentiate between them you can use the "rel" value, as well as "type" which gives you the mime type. For example, here is what you’d receive for this flick RSS feed :

&lt;entry xmlns=&quot;;&gt;

<content>&lt;p&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;choum&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt; posted a photo:&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt; &amp;lt;p&amp;gt;&amp;lt;a href=&quot;; title=&quot;IMAG0346&quot;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;img src=&quot;; width=&quot;240&quot; height=&quot;180&quot; alt=&quot;IMAG0346&quot; /&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/p&amp;gt; &lt;/content&gt; &lt;link type=&quot;text/html&quot; title=&quot;&quot; href=&quot;; rel=&quot;alternate&quot;/&gt; &lt;link type=&quot;image/jpeg&quot; title=&quot;&quot; href=&quot;; rel=&quot;enclosure&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;sergio&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;expo&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;lyon&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;western&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;prefecture&quot;/&gt; &lt;category term=&quot;leone&quot;/&gt; &lt;author&gt; &lt;name&gt;choum</name>

As you can see, there are 2 <link> elements, one for the entry (the page that contains the image), and one for the image itself. These links are various and may include links to the comments section, to the RSS feed of comments, to any attachment, to related articles… etc.


The Web2.0 era has long be associated with the presence of tags, implemented by Delicious, Flickr, Youtube and by bloggers. They are very useful to group things and can do a better job than search engines to find “binary” content. Superfeedr will now provide the tags (or categories from the original entries).
In the above example, you can see that the tags used are sergio, expo, lyon, western and prefecture.


Last, but not least, we now support author informations. There can be several authors in one entry. For each author, we provide (when available) a name, an email address and a profile URI.

If you’d like anything else to be added, please let us know in the comments. With the current information, we estimate we cover 80-90% of the original entry content. Also, if you’re not satisfied with our mapping, please do not hesitate to suggest fixes as well.

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