Real-time RSS notifications on your iPhone

Real-time RSS notifications on your iPhone

I have always been a great fan of the iPhone (I had mine on June 29th 2007 : iPhone D-day), but I haven’t found many applications that were making good use of the “notification” feature that Apple added in its last iPhone OS, until today.

AppNotification is an app that allows you to receive any notification. Its creator, Fabien just spent the last day interfacing his app with Superfeedr and the result is here today : you can get real-time RSS notifications on your iPhone.

It’s quite easy :

I’ve added a few RSS from Spy, as well as the weather in San Francisco or the RSS for Superfeedr’s delicious page, but you could also add any RSS that you’d like.

How cool is that?

1 If you have a superfeedr account, you can generate notifications to the dummy feed, in the console, as long as you add it to your feeds into AppNotifications.

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