XML-RPC Ping to PubSubHubbub

XML-RPC Ping to PubSubHubbub

Slow blogging these days, but we’re still (more than ever!) crushing it :) XML-RPC ping is the grand father of all ping mechanisms for feeds and blogs. There are a few famous ping servers, including Google or Ping-o-matic from Automattic. Unfortunately, the lack of “subscription” have made this ping servers a nest for spammers. Check the changes.xml files to see how many notifications are spam vs. legit. Sad :(.

Yet, many publishers have implemented this protocol, and we decided that there was no reason to leave this people on side, so we mapped this protocol into PubSubHubbub so if people subscribe to your feed and you ping us, we will take that ping into account and send them the update in real-time!

If you’re a publisher and if you have implemented the ping protocol, then, the next step for you have a PubSubHubbub hub is just to add the discovery xml into your feeds and let me know so I can plug your feeds to our hub :) It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes on either side!

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