Our Track API evolved over time… Please make sure you refer to the track documentation for the current status

Ever wondered how you could subscribe to keywords, instead of actual feeds? It’s already great to get pushed content from thousands of RSS feeds, but sometimes, you want to know all about your company’s name, all about movie that’s just been released. A long long long time ago, Twitter had its own track. It was basically Twitter search inside your twitter stream, so that the results which matched your searches would be pushed to you, like tweets from your friends.

Today, there is Superfeedr’s track. It’s a simple way to get all the Atom entries matching a given keyword pushed to your app.

Once again, we hide all the complexity from you, and you can use the exact same API calls that you’re used too, whether it’s with the XMPP PubSub endpoint or the PubSubHubbub protocol. Are you tracking music as a keyword? subscribe to And yes, it works with any keyword like this :<keyword>.

Looking for a few apps that were built in less than 24 hours with Track? RSSFall by @jalada allows you to specify the keywords you want to track! Try out soccer, worldcup, iphone.. etc :) Want the results into your IM client? Check Harper’s SuperTrackr, just add to your contacts if you use gtalk, then, enter /track music and start dancing! Finally, @matijarijavec even built a mashup with Twitter’s trending words, pretty awesome for a few hours of work!

The results are taken from the more than 2M feeds that Superfeedr filters in realtime, as soon as the entries are published. These feeds include the feeds from the publishers who designated Superfeedr as their PubSubHubbub hub, like Six Apart, Tumblr, Posterous, Gowalla, Huffington Post, Gawker Media and more than 800 other big and small publishers, as well as the data from thousands of subscribers who offloaded their feed polling to Superfeedr.

We want more feeds! If you’re a publisher, start using us a a hub, and if your app polls feeds, stop doing it, it’s dangerous, have us push them to you.

Today we’re also launching our paid service for developers subscribing to feeds via Superfeedr’s default hub. Everyone will receive 25,000 free notifications to get started when developing with our infrastructure. We’ve come a long way in the past few months and while we’re still not perfect plan to make it even better with this support. Additional notifications start at only $0.0002 per entry which we guarantee will be cheaper than building it yourself!

One last thing!
As you’ve probably seen, the website’s design is changing… at least now it’s done by someone whose work is to design websites! Please bear with us as we put a little more paint here and there, but again, it’s moving in the right direction.

As always, your feedback is much much appreciated!

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