Why SubToMe is better

Why SubToMe is better

A couple weeks ago (before the Google Reader demise!), we soft launched SubToMe as a universal subscribe button. As weeks passed, we tried to promote it. We offered a SubToMe Wordpress plugin, a Chrome Extension, a Firefox Extension… etc.

Yet, several people came to us and said: Why is it better than a Google Reader button? (replace Google Reader by Newsblur, BlogLovin, or Feedly). The answer is that it’s agnostic. It’s a button that works for any of these services. But even more than agnostic, it’s a button that works for the subscriber.

It’s better for publishers

Publishers want people to follow them and subscribe to their content. Yet, they cannot realistically put buttons for each and every reader out there, not only because it would be ugly, but also because it means that when a new reader comes out, they will have to think about adding a new button.

By being agnostic, SubToMe can be the single button publishers put on their site, but still allow all of their readers to follow them on their favorite reader.

It’s better for subscribers

SubToMe includes a transparent registration mechanism so that once you use a subscribing application, SubToMe remembers it and will only show the services you used, rather than an infinite list of tools.

For example, if you are a Kippt user, you can use Feedleap to save your favorite feeds content there. Feedleap implemented the registration mechanism. Once you’ve set up a Feedleap account, click on . You will now see that Feeleap is an option there :)

Several other readers, like The Old Reader or Msgboy implement that registration mechanism. This makes following sites easier.

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