Make your application real-time with PubSubHubbub

Make your application real-time with PubSubHubbub

Earlier in May Last month, I was given the opportunity by my friend Brett to present PubSubHubbub at Google IO on stage with him. It was a great experience, and if you want to learn a bit more about PubSubHubbub and Superfeedr, I’d suggest you take the time to look at it!

This session will go over how to add support for the PubSubHubbub protocol to your website. You’ll learn how to turn Atom and RSS feeds into real-time streams. We’ll go over how to consume real-time data streams and how to make your website reactive to what’s happening on the web right now.

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These slides can be downloaded

Any comments welcome. Also, if you’d like me to talk at your conference or in your company, feel free to get in touch, it will help me get better at this!

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