Who Implemented PubSubHubbub

Who Implemented PubSubHubbub

Exactly like last month, here is a list of domains for which we have callback urls : they implemented PubSubHubbub!

Let’s start with the new kids in the room, who were not in the list last month, again, in absolutely no particular order:
- netvibes
- tailsweep.com
- rss2twitter
- fliptop-inc.com
- geowhy.org
- sfr.fr
- viewsflow.com
- chitthajagat.in
- tbablogs.com
- webwag.com
- nababu.org
- pitchfork.com

Obviously, all the big guys from last time are still here :)

In total, we now have 177 different domains with callback urls. This is very exciting!

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