PubSubHubbub : security

PubSubHubbub : security

One of the great advantages of our XMPP API is that there is no need for the subscriber to know whether the content he gets is actually from Superfeedr. PubSubHubbub doesn’t benefit from that, since it relies on HTTP callbacks which makes it hard to know where a notification comes from. A subscriber could obviously check the IP as well as the UserAgent, but the first one will break when we add servers and the second one is pretty easy to spoof.

The protocol defines a strategy for that and we implement it at Superfeedr. Here is how it works :

1. The user subscribes to the hub url and provides a hub.secret value. To make that secure, the subscriber should use the http*s* url to the hub. (All our hubs have an http and https url).

2. Upon notification, the hub will compute an HMAC signature with the supplied hub.secret, as well as will the body of the notification, and will include this signature in the headers of its notification.

3. When notified, the subscriber will compute the same signature (he should have kept track of the secret!), and will compare with the http header received from the hub.

If the 2 HMAC signature are the same, then, the subscriber knows for sure that the notification comes from the hub. If not, it should silently ignore it.

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