OPML Support in SubToMe

OPML Support in SubToMe

SubToMe aims at being your subscription app so that you can use any reader app for the content you care about. We are also (pretty much like in all of the code we release) committed to open-ness. As part of this, we’re releasing today a SubToMe update with OPML support.

Importing OPML

Even though OPML is the open standard for subscriptions, some readers do not support importing subscriptions from an OPML file. SubToMe can easily act as a proxy.

Import your OPML file in SubToMe and then subscribe using SubtoMe with your favorite reader.

Exporting OPML

Subscriptions SubToMe

Similarly, it is very important for you to be able to export the subscriptions you’ve made through SubToMe so that you can quickly import all of your past subscription into a new reader, or even share your subscriptions with your friends, colleagues and more.

You can view all the subscriptions you’ve made with SubToMe and then simply export it as an OPML file.

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