New Year, new hires

New Year, new hires

Happy new year! 2014 has been a fantastic year for Superfeedr with a lot of new customers consuming our feed APIs, a complete redesign, as well as a lot of great backend changes to help us scale further and further every month.

We’re incredibly excited about 2015 and we can’t wait to show you some of the things we’ve been working on for quite a while now!

New hires!

One of our goals for the first part of 2015 is to improve our offering when it comes platforms. Superfeedr is just an API, so it’s pretty agnostic, but when people start to build Android or iOS apps, accessing the API can sometimes be a significant amount of work and we want to simplify this.

From day 1, we relied on the community to submit API wrappers rather than build them ourselves. Each language and framework has its assumptions, semantics and idioms, assuming we could do a great job beyond the 2 or 3 we use regularly would be a lie. Both iOS (Obj-C or Swift) and Android (Java) are platforms we’re not enough familiar with to provide better tools and we’re looking for amazing Open Source developers to work with us on each of these.

For each platform, the job will involve building and releasing “native” libraries (which hide the complexity of the API), as well as write documentation, detailed tutorials and even, if applicable, demos. As we are blind when it comes to things we could do to ease this work, we expect these developers to provide feedback as to what we could improve on our side and what additional feature could be helpful.

There is no need to be the #1 expert on either of these platforms: you have to be willing to learn and be in the mindset of an indie developer who wants to build an app on iOS and Android! It’s even better if you already think about building an app that would benefit from Superfeedr! These are also obviously paid missions!

Please, get in touch!

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