Susbcriber Toolbox

Susbcriber Toolbox

Our XMPP console is great for very initial debugging but doesn’t fulfill a lot of our user’s need after they subscribed to a few dozen feeds. Additionally, the subscribers who use PubSubHubbub cannot benefit from it and they usually have a hard time debugging their endpoints. As a consequence of this, we have decided to re-factor most of our Subscriber toolbox. Here is a small review of it.

Like always, please remember that all these tools actually use our API and only our API, which means you can certainly build similar or better tools on your own to fit your specific needs. Check our documentation.

A PubSubHubbub Console

With this tool, you can easily build and debug your callback url. It lets you choose a feed url, and point to your callback to perform subscriptions and unsubscriptions, and shows the result in details, so you can fix your callback URL accordingly. It should be your first stop if you’re building a PubSubHubbub based application.
It can also be used to retrieve the status of a given subscription, as PubSubHubbub is idem-potent. Which means that if you want to know whether you’re subscribed to a feed you just have to actually make a subscription request. If it succeeds, it means that you’re subscribed. If it fails, it means that you aren’t!

A Feed Status Retrieval tool

If you don’t get any notification for a given feed, it may be that there is nothing in it, or that there is problem with this feed. It may have been deleted, it may not be parse-able… etc. At any point you can now check a feed’s status.
We will show the last HTTP status we got for it, a small log message, the next fetch, the last fetch, the period at which we fetch it… Again, all this data (and more!) is actually available thru the API, as well as upon notification. You should check it out too!

Our XMPP Console

The venerable XMPP console is still here, with a few bug fixes and improved performance. It’s the best tool if you’d like to build your own XMPP client and you need to see the detail of the traffic sent to and from Superfeedr.

Feed Export

No lock-ins. We really value your freedom and what happy users more than “locked” users. You can export all the subscriptions. To prevent obvious traffic jams, you will have to export them by pages of 100.

Of course, we’re committed to improve this, as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Go log-in your subscriber account and let us know what you think!

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