Introducing the Msgboy

Introducing the Msgboy

We have a bit neglected this blog in the past couple months, because we’ve been working hard on an awesome new product, called the msgboy.

At Superfeedr, we’re convinced that the push web is in its infancy, but that it will eventually change everything, from the way we build apps, to the way people interact with one another online. The web was initially built around a client/server pattern, that now feels outdated in many ways.

PubSubHubbub is a protocol that pushes data from server to server. It’s already pretty much omnipresent and you certainly interact with a lot of services that either get data or send data with it. However, as a user, you’re barely exposed to it and still need to return to those favorite websites that you love.

The msgboy addresses just that : it sends you the web you care about and stores it in your browser. It’s a Chrome application that will silently build a small firehose of all the web services that you use online. It will show you some of these messages as HTML5 notifications. Of course, the msgboy may not always pick the best messages, which is why you can + and – each message to train it. It will learn from that to only show you what you care about.

The msgboy also includes a dashboard that helps you visualize all the data that it received. Again, you can vote messages up and down to only show what you care about the most. Also, this data is all local, which means you can scroll down your personal archive!

We used a lot of the open protocols, and HTML5 magic and the msgboy is already a good internet citizen. We also put the msgboy’s source on github, so anyone can help us make it better. Of course, it gets its data pushed thru Superfeedr directly.

It’s still extremely early, but we already love our new baby. We are slowly opening up to friends and family, so please help us spread the word to get faster access to it.

Also, I want to take this to very deeply thank the amazing team at Andyet for their very hard work. This team knows what realtime is, and I will never recommend enough to work with them.

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