It's called RSS

It's called RSS

A couple weeks ago, we rejoiced about the fact that both Facebook and Apple, which have been notoriously known as closed platforms and players have been promoting the use of RSS as an ingestion mechanism for their Instant Aricle and News products. When doing this, they joined companies like Flipboard which have been laying the work for a new kind of web browser for a long time.

It’s not a surprise that a couple days ago, the Google and Twitter (the 2 faux-open champions) leaked that they were working together on creating a new kind of web link and article storage system that would load online news articles and digital magazine pieces in a few milliseconds.

The article continues with

The effort is also an attempt to protect the web from the onslaught of mobile applications and steer publishers away from the closed, proprietary systems that are being built by companies like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat.

Hum. I have no idea if Facebook or Apple are actually using RSS feeds, mostly because their products still have a very limited scope or have not even been launched… However, I know a format which is completely open. It’s also an industry standard adopted by all major new outlets. It’s called RSS and comes with a great realtime distribution mechanism: PubSubHubbub.

We have been helping companies ingest RSS content for years now and we’d be more than happy to help save time for the smart engineers at Google and Twitter who are probably working on re-inventing a wheel that spins already pretty well! Also, we (the RSS community) would love to hear from them and have them help us improve RSS rather than just scrape years of efforts and achievements!

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