Feature Friday

Feature Friday

It’s a new year and we decided to take even more feedback from our users to make their lives even easier! This week, we introduced our #FeatureFriday. Basically, on fridays, we will take at least one feature that you guys want to see appear on Superfeedr and we’ll implement before the next friday. Ideally, during the following weekend! This week, we took 3 requests.

Identify callback and Feed upon notifications

The PubSubHubbub mechanism for unsubscribe requires that you use the exact feed and callback urls that you used for subscriptions. For a lot of reasons, you may not have kept the exact pair that you used. Sometimes you normalized the URIs, sometimes you added the port… etc. A user requested that, with our PubSubHubbub API, when we notify you, we indicate the exact pair.

We added two HTTP headers to our PubSubHubbub notifications : X-PubSubHubbub-Callback and X-PubSubHubbub-Topic. They’re pretty self-explanatory! Our special headers also include X-Superfeedr-Credits and X-Superfeedr-PubSubHubbub-Expire that you can use on your end.

More spam levels

We were overwhelmed with the success of our spam feed filtering mechanism. A lot of our customers now use it and we’re thrilled that it helps them cope with this spam. Yet, the folks at Summify needed higher levels as some of the legit feeds to which they subscribed did in fact publish more than a couple dozen entries daily. You can now limit the number of daily entries per feed to 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500.

Including the callbacks in the exports

This one was suggested by Oliver, creator FeedMe, the famous Android application. Add callback URL to the feed export. Allowing quick diagnosis of problem feeds. esp. non self identifying content. . As you probably know, you can export the feeds to which you subscribed at any time. The export now also include the endpoint with which you subscribed (the jid for the XMPP API, and the callback for PubSubHubbub).

As you can see, these are small features, but they all make our users life better and are easy to implement for us. They are perfect use cases for our #FeatureFriday! We’re looking forward to see what you guys want for next week :)

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