A better Schema

A better Schema

One of the great features of Superfeedr is that it sends a standard format for feed entries. Whether the initial feed format was any flavor of Atom, or RSS, we would map this into a standard Atom feed. Thanks to that it is easier for you to integrate this data into your apps, since you will gain consistency in the format.

However, to achieve that, we have to make some decisions and scraps information from the initial feed. Mapping a title is easy, but that’s about the only obvious data. We actually had to find the smallest common set of attribute that a feed has.
Up to now, entries that we sent had this :

  • ID
  • URL
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Published date

We’ve been working to complete that over the past few weeks, and here is what you will soon get, on top of what you already have:

  • Content (if available, if not, you’ll get a summary)
  • Categories (or tags)
  • Authors informations : email, name and uri
  • Links : not only you will get the entry’s url, but you will also get any other link that the entry may contain : enclosure, comments… etc.

The new schema will be published soon, but first, we want to make sure that there is no other element that you would want to see added to it. What would you add in there?

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