Superfeedr Java Wrapper

Superfeedr Java Wrapper

This seems to be the wrapper week! Our friend Thomas just pushed a first version of a Java wrapper to our API (his branch). I’d like to take this as an occasion to explain how we see these wrappers.

We know our limits and we know we can’t actively support wrappers in all languages. Like everybody, we have our favorite languages and platform, and there is little chance that we ever get a deep enough knownledge in all that languages that you guys use to offer great services. So, for us, the limit of what we can provide and support is our API (both XMPP and PubSubHubbub).

However, we’re not blind either and we know how these parsers are important for everybody to get started and integrate Superfeedr into their existing apps, so we take great care of them and try to help people use them or fix problems. Aneil helped us a lot on the Python lib, Nathan, Yann or Thomas did an awesome job with the PHP, Perl and Java libs; all of which we would have been unable to make.

These libs are not ours, they wait for your input_, y_our documentation, your testing, as well as your suggestions for new features. We will just help “gathering” them and keeping track by “connecting” the people who made them with the people who use them.

Again, thank you Nathan, Yann, Thomas, Aneil!

PS: anybody for the C# one? ;) (find them all here)

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