A Better track

A Better track

It seems that you people love our track feature. Much more than we anticipated, so we’ll be focusing on this in the coming weeks to make it both smarter and better. The version 1.0 is great, but many of you asked for the ability to track more than just 1 keyword, some of you have asked to track data from a specific source, or within certain geo boundaries. We want to work on this and I’m preparing a few requirements and design options.

However, it would be very interesting for us if you could make your feature requests for this track here, so we can prioritize and see what you guys truly need.


You want combinations of keywords. Which ones?

  • AND or + : the entry will have to match both keywords independently
  • OR or | : the entry will have to match either keywords. We will probably not support this, as it’s really the same as subscribing to 2 feeds.
  • "" : the entry will have to match the exact sequence between the quotes
  • - : the entry will have to match 1 word (before the minus), but not the other (after the minus).

Any other thing come to mind?


Sometimes, instead of all the data coming from Superfeedr, you may want to filter it.

  • By feed : You want all the entries in a given feed that matches a given query.
  • By publisher/hub : You want all the entries from a given publisher that matches a given query.
  • A location : all the content within a radius of a given location. This could be combined with a query.
  • DOM based : our schema is XML. Some people may want to subscribe to all entries that have a category “Apple” and include a link that has a rel=“reply”.

I don’t have any ETA for this, but that will certainly be our focus from now on. Please tell us if you have specific needs.

More data

We’re working on extending the amount of data that flows thru Superfeedr. Our subscribers add more content every day, and we’re trying to work with big publishers to let you filter thru this data as well. If you’re a publisher and want to have your data accessible thru our track feature, like Posterous, Tumblr, SixApart, Gowalla, HuffPost, GawkerMedia and more than 900 other publisher, please, get in touch!

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