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We build a complex feed fetching and parsing infrastructure so that you don't have to. We believe the web should be more open and that feeds are a key component of that ecosystem.
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Bitcoin Webhook

At this point, you have certainly heard about Bitcoin. It’s the most famous crypto-currency which relies on a shared ledger to determine every account’s balance. The network is made of clients that run the bitcoin protocol. Everyone can participate, but if you run a web app, it’s not trivial to...   Read more

October 14, 2014 | View Comments

JSON Path subscriptions

A bunch of our customers use Superfeedr to poll JSON APIs. Rather than wasting their resources, they use us to subscribe to JSON documents using webhooks. When the document eventually updates, we push them the whole document. Yet, most of the time, they’re not interested in the whole document, just...   Read more

September 25, 2014 | View Comments

Search in Subscriptions

Earlier, in July, when we asked our customers what they wanted our redesign to include, a few of them mentionned that it was sometimes hard for them to find a given subscription or a set of subscriptions matching specific requirements. Today, we’re happy to introduce our search in subscriptions feature....   Read more

September 17, 2014 | View Comments

AngularJS Superfeedr

If you read us carefully, you’ve already seen that we use AngularJS for SubToMe. Angular is an open source web framework for the client side. It’s probably one of the most popular of its kind these days, so you’ve probably stumbled upon it a couple times. Today, we’re introducing a...   Read more

September 03, 2014 | View Comments

Server Sent Events

Server Sent Events (also called EventSource) are clearly one of the unsung heros of the HTML5 specs for the realtime web. It’s a very simple and consice protocol to implement realtime applications which get data from the server. In practice, it’s a long-lived HTTP socket, which means that it goes...   Read more

August 25, 2014 | View Comments

Superfeedr, Hapi & Feedparser

The last couple weeks have been busy with the redesign. We had to update our venerable Rails 2.3.X app and move to a new Ruby2.0 + Rails 3.2 stack, with Rails 4.0 right around the corner. However, to keep our sanity, we also worked on a bunch of side project,...   Read more

August 08, 2014 | View Comments

Survey for the new

The main is about to change. We’ve started working on a complete redesign of our identity and features offered by the website. For this, we need your help to understand what exactly you would expect from us. Please help us by filling out this quick form.   Read more

July 11, 2014 | View Comments

RSS streaming

In the last year, we focused a lot on storing data from the feeds inside Superfeedr. We started by storing a lot of Google Reader content, using our Riak backend. When introducing our new PubSubHubbub endpoint, we had the opportunity to add things like subscribe and retrieve and later, params...   Read more

July 02, 2014 | View Comments

More analytics

Each superfeedr account, whether you’re a subscriber or a publisher gets an analytics section where you can view interesting data about your account: the number of feeds, the number of subscriptions and the credits balance haven been displayed since the begining. In the last couple days, we have started keeping...   Read more

June 06, 2014 | View Comments


In the 90s, everyone used car analogies to discuss technology. In 2014, it’s all food analogies.— Tom Dale (@tomdale) June 1, 2014 Luckily, food is not the only option. Let’s talk about animals. We call the web an ecosystem after all, so let’s see what biodiversity means in this context...   Read more

June 01, 2014 | View Comments