Jyri Engestrom joins as an Advisor

Jyri Engestrom joins as an Advisor

Despite the huge size of the web industry, the inside circle is like a small family. One of the great parts about this is that there is always somebody, be it another (successful) entrepreneur, a great hacker or an experienced manager who can help you on issues that you face daily as an entrepreneur.

Today, we’re welcoming Jyri Engeström to our Board of Advisors. He’s our third advisor, along with David Recordon and Andrew Anker. You probably know Jyri from his Jaiku days.

He’s one of the happy few who sold their company, to Google in the US, and managed social and mobile products at Google in Mountain View. He was born in Europe, created a few startups and ran products at Nokia, so he is very familiar with both the US and European ecosystems.

Jyri’s experience with this game is tremendous. He already helped Superfeedr on a lot of topics, and I learn so much when he gives advice that I feel I’m the dumbest person ever :)

His sweet spot is definitely all things communication. He’s helping me tune the Superfeedr message and worked through various presentations I made. Cool new improvements to our service are in the pipeline, so keep an eye out!

All three advisors have their own areas of expertise. Building a start-up is fun, and bringing talents to help in is definitely one of the most interesting pieces of this whole process! We’re now looking forward to bring more awesome people in the Superfeedr cave, whether they are employees, partners or just interns1! If you feel that you can help, please get in touch.

1 Looking for a summer internship? Loving GAE, ActivityStreams, Websockets, PubSubHubbub and/or XMPP? Get in touch, we can help each other!

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