Be my guest

Be my guest

We use Jekyll as our blog engine, and we use github to host said blog. As a matter of fact, our blog is a regular git repository. This as several consequences, including the fact that it’s quite easy for us to add “remote” contributions. If you want to write about Superfeedr related stuff : your experience with Superfeedr, but also the technologies that we use (XMPP, PubSubHubbub, Chef, Collectd…), or even your thoughts on the real-time web; this space is yours.

It’s actually quite easy, you just have to fork our blog’s repository, write your own blog post in the _post directory.

The syntax is fairly simple : name a file yyyy-mm-dd-title-of-your-post.textile, then, add your post content. Make sure you follow the “Textile syntax”: if you want to make your text bold, italic, add links or even titles… Finally, add a top part to the file like that:

When you’re done, you should test the layout, by using the Jekyll :

  1. Install the gem (if you have ruby installed)
  2. Type jekyll --server in your fork of the blog’s source .

Finally, do a pull-request. If we like it (we will try to keep our censorship to a minimum level, but we need to make sure your posts aren’t too self-advertising and are still related to Superfeedr), we’ll publish it!.

Done! This place is now yours too :)

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